Pasta Hair Bows


There’s so much you can do with pasta! From cooking to crafting, pasta packs the power to keep little people busy . (I dare you to say that 3 times as fast as you can 🙂 )

I recently kept my little princess busy with a pasta craft: making pasta bows. And she absolutely loved it! She doesn’t pass up on chances to dip a paint brush.

IMG_9538Here’s the finished product:

pasta hair bowsShe’s one proud pasta-bow-wearer! Pink pasta is definitely the new black.


You Can Do It, Too!

Here’s everything you need for this activity:

It’s super easy to make, but here’s the trick: Use a small strip of felt to secure the alligator clip to the pasta.

Have fun!


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  1. So clever!

  2. Dionne Wilson says:

    Love the bows. Zoe is so beautiful .

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