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school prayer1The beginning of our school year is only days away. And as I unscramble all the ideas that are running through my head, there is one thing that gives me peace – knowing that our school days will start with prayer.

No “t” will be crossed or “i” dotted until the school prayer is said. And trust me, it’s a life saver. On days when I’ve wondered how we ever made it through the day, I always think back to the prayer. There’s just something about putting God first.

I’m not superhuman, I don’t always have the best ideas, and I certainly don’t know it all. But when we start the day with prayer, it is our way of expressing that God is super, He has the best ideas, and He certainly knows it all. When we put Him first, we can rest assured that He’ll take care of everything.

So, today, I am sharing our school prayer with you! It’s a simple prayer. Most of the words are Scriptures – not my words, but God’s Word.

Feel free to make as many copies as you like.

Click the link below to print:

School Prayer (Homeschoolstrong)







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