Reading Chart Ideas

summer readingReading charts are fun incentives to keep children reading. Here are a few reading charts we’ve used in the past:

This “Fall in Love with Reading” chart was one of my favorites, I fell in love with the title. The tree, which was made with paper grocery bags, started bare. As my children read books throughout the fall season, they added colorful leaves to the tree. It was fun watching it come to life.


The following spring, we basically re-did the fall chart – using a different title, focusing on non-fiction, and writing an interesting fact on each leaf.


Here’s a summer reading chart. An ice cream party was the reward for completing this chart. My children enjoyed it.

ice cream reading chart completed

But they enjoyed the reward a whole lot more!

ice cream party

This Christmas reading chart helped with decorating. After books were read, my children had a chain long enough to wrap around the Christmas tree.


We’ll start a new chart next week. But this chart is a bit different. It’s a bare tree that will receive fruit every time my children memorize a Bible verse. Each child has his/her own branch. Maybe I’ll reward them with new Bibles for completing this chart. I’m not sure yet.


Happy fall and fall in love with reading!


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