Preschool Rocks

IMG_9890Flash cards were giving my 3-year-old the blues. When he would see me coming with a stack of cards, he’d walk away looking like this:

sad faceAccording to him, flashcards are “boring”.  And I must admit, I think they could be a bit boring too. So I pushed the flashcards aside and looked to something my precious boy enjoys – rocks! We took him rock hunting on Lake Michigan this past summer.

IMG_1968When we got home, I washed the rocks and painted them with acrylic paint.


I used paint pens to write alphabets, numbers, and colors on the rocks.

IMG_0542Then I sealed the paint.


(Note: Mod Podge is non-toxic, but eventually peels off. Rust-Oleum has a stronger seal, but contains strong fumes that will take a few days to go away.)

Here is the finished product:




My boy loves his rocks! They’ve turned his frown upside down. And nowadays…preschool ROCKS!!!

happy face






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