Interview with Judah World Academy of Excellence – Tamara Williams

Age: 42
Ages/Grades of Children: 22,
20 (Duke University Jr.), 18, 16, 14, 6 & 6 (twins), 4 & 3 yrs.
(Grades: College – Pre-k)
Location: Texas
Motto: Faith and Family—Failure is not an option.

Why and when did you decide to homeschool your children?

Homeschooling has always been my calling since God blessed me with children. I have always believed in educating our own, from the ground up. I believe there are some things read more

Welcome to Homeschoolstrong!

welcome-homeschoolstrongHi! This is Angel Thompson. If this message is in your inbox, it’s because you were subscribed to, my former website. has been transformed into read more

Free School Prayer Printables

school prayer1The beginning of our school year is only days away. And as I unscramble all the ideas that are running through my head, there is one thing that gives me peace – knowing that our school days will start with prayer. read more

Toy Sword

toy swordMy girl has her pasta bows, so I had to think of a craft project to do with my boys. Can’t leave my little men feeling left out. read more

Writing Process Folder for Kids

writing process folder

One of the subjects we’re fine-tuning around here is writing. I want my children to become more comfortable with the writing process – prewriting, revising, editing, etc. read more

Pasta Hair Bows


There’s so much you can do with pasta! From cooking to crafting, pasta packs the power to keep little people busy . (I dare you to say that 3 times as fast as you can 🙂 ) read more

Homemade Bookmarks

bookmark friends

In this age of technology, many children have traded traditional printed books for the screen. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather my kids have a book in hand than a touch screen tablet. So I do whatever I can to keep them interested in flipping tangible pages. read more

Roll with It!

devotionJust the other day, my 9-year-old came running to me with plans for entering the Lego® Treehouse contest. Since most of his Lego® sets are vehicles, I wondered how he could possibly build a treehouse. read more

Free Educational Websites for Kids

websitesI’m very particular about which websites I allow my children to visit. The Internet is filled with content and images that’ll leave little ones with lots of questions and parents with lots of explaining to do. read more

Parenting with kindness, Patience, and Abundant Forgiveness

devotionChildren can irritate their parents better than anyone else. So, to have any level of success with parenting, it takes kindness, patience, and read more